A few of us Elphas here have began a public speaking group. We have only met once so far and have been trying to figure out the logistics of organizing and speaking. The group is small right now, so we would love to have people join!

We meet on Wednesday mornings, biweekly, at 7:00am PST. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please send me a message!

UPDATE: I'm elated by all the wonderful interest! Please message me with your email, I can send over a brief summary of our meet as well as a link for the next. Feel free to just drop in and observe!

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This is amazing - so happy you started it! Funny coincidence (or maybe not ;-) ) we got a few posts about public speaking lately! :)
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Our first session was so great! We are happy to listen to what people actually NEED help with. We aren't just formatting it to be some robotic type of session, which I've had in the past. We listen to actual presentations that are used in meetings/portfolios. The peer feedback is helpful to everyone. I'm so glad we started this. I hope everyone joins to hear perspective or be a presenter!
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This is truly amazing! We need to make sure this is on everyone's radar! Keep the feedback coming :)
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Hi Deanna,This sounds great - I would love to have some more info/join
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Please message me your email addresss!
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I love this!! Please can you share more info about it?
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@kcuesta hello! Yes please message me your email address!
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Hi there I would be interested as well
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Please message me!!!
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Hi Deanna could you please send me the link for me to participate if it is still open for everyone ?
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Hello! Please send me your email!
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hey @deannawong just wanted to connect - I am a trainer of public speaking (as well as trainer for trainers), so if you ladies will need any tips, tricks, resources, please don't hesitate to reach out :) I will be happy to help
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Good morning!! Yes!!! That would be great if you would like to connect with us.
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Hi @deannawong. Iā€™m new to Elpha and love public speaking. Definitely interested in joining this group.
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Hi @deannawong I'd love to join if you are still running these sessions!