Have you ever declined an offer then went back and accepted?

I interviewed for a role last November and felt pretty good about some aspects of the job and wary about others. I liked the team and the job itself, which would be a great resume builder for me. I was iffy on the hiring manager, who seemed very smart but I got the feeling he wouldn't be as available as I'd like. He also seemed very eager to fill the role as I was given a verbal offer after one interview. However, it's worth noting that that was how my current job's hiring process was like and things worked out OK (for the most part).

Because the interviewing process was so short, I had an email exchange with one of the team members which revealed that this role would require some public speaking and informal presentations in meetings (this post actually inspired me to write this). Since I'm introverted with a fear of public speaking, I've been running away from presenting in meetings all my professional life! However, now I'm wondering if I made a mistake and if this role could be a good opportunity to get over my public speaking fears.

The job is still open and it looks like the previous person is filling in as a contractor for the time being. For those of you who have walked back on saying no to an offer, how did it work out for you? How did you ask to be considered again without coming across as desperate? Thank you all!

I am not directly answering your question however you mentioned your fear of public speaking, you might want to look into this if you aren't already a member
I'll think about it, I don't think I'm ready for something like this yet! But thanks for sharing the link.
@IA sounds like your product might actually help here!And anon - meet Ife, she is building an AI-powered communication coach that observes you in meetings and gives you feedback on how to speak more confidently. If you want to join her beta list, I am sure she will give you all the deets :) And how did it turn out for you after you reached out (if you did)? :)
Thanks for the connect @iynna!
For sure!
Hi, iynna! I actually didn't go through with it because two jobs I applied for in January FINALLY got back to me and I'm proceeding with the next steps at both of them. These roles seem better than the company I talked about in my post, so I'm not going to reach back out to them. But thank you for all of your help with this!
QUEEN!! This is EVEN better than what we wanted for you!Keep us posted pleaaase!
Hi Anon! If you still want to work on your public speaking, at your pace, send me a DM and I'll onboard you to our beta. Alternatively, if you want to remain anon, you can just go ahead and join our beta waitlist here: Our tool listens to you speak and gives you feedback and tips for how to improve. It's a no-pressure way to build public speaking confidence.
Here is some sort of answer: my husband was hiring for a position, found "the perfect fit" but then that person backed out and said no to their offer. My husband was very sad but moved on. Now, a couple of months later she reached back out to him telling him that her other option which she took didn't work out as well as she thought and asking if my husband would still be interested in hiring her. I asked him about it and he said he still really liked her profile and was open to discuss, he just wanted to make sure she knew this time what she wanted as it takes time to hire then train someone new. So, what this means for you: yes, I would reach back out and be open about how you changed your mind, what aspect made you hesitate the first time and that you'd be willing to give it a go. You'll see what they say, they liked you the first time so the only thing that changed is that you will have to show atronger commitment his time but the rest is still the same :)
Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your thoughtful words! I think I will reach back out to the HR rep and see what he says :)