A Jane of Trades (Content Marketing Manager + UX Strategist + Product Development + more) looking to work with a "we make boss moves" B2C company

Hey everyone!

Here's the TL;DR

  • I've been booted out of the last company I worked at, by no fault of my own or my performance (the company is having "accounting" issues 🤷🏾‍♀️)
  • It's given me time to re-evaluate the type of work I want to produce (content marketing with an EMPHASIS on user experience & product development. I've noticed that these skillsets have a tendency to inform each other, especially when building out a product or setting up an event)
  • I ❤️ analytics. From Mixpanel flows, to Google Analytics, to HotJar recordings. Pour some data on me like that opening scene from 'Flash Dance'.
  • I'm becoming OBSESSED with learning the art of faciliating 5-day Sprints (I've been binge watching AJ&Smart's YouTube channel & reading Jake Knapp's book, "Sprint". Jake's book outlines a MUCH SMARTER way to run sprint meetings for growth marketing purposes)

Of course I'm looking at the job boards on Elpha, but if any of you know of any other companies looking for a Junior UX Strategist with 8+ years of Content Marketing experience - let me know.

I'm such a Jane of Trades, I'm not even sure of the job title I should be searching for! 😅

Especially since I'm also versed in: sales copywriting, video content creation (especially educational), email marketing (a little), content distribution, user research, social media marketing, the management of influencers, and I REALLY want to add Sprint Facilitation to my skillset.

If you figure out the job title, let me what you come up with - as well. 😅

Here's my LinkedIn Profile: - so you can do a little snooping on who I am and what I'm about.

If you have any questions, you can hit me up in the comments or directly DM me.

I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you've read this far, thanks. I appreciate you. 🙌🏾

Peace, love, and the job hunt is ON!!!

AMAZING post as always love! Thank you so much for all this context!One of our Elpha partner companies is hiring for a product marketer not b2c but maybe relevant?Or Pair Team looking for a marketer - but the role seems to go beyond traditional marketing ! I feel like your skills will be better appreciated and valued at a smaller structure where you can own a whole lot of projects!
Squirrel, you're the bestest of cheerleaders! I appreciate you!And yes, I was talking with a friend today about how I need to focus my UX STRATEGY (figured out the job title name!!) efforts from startups to small to mid-sized companies. Owning a lot of projects?Fork yes! Bring it on. Sprint facilitation vs. Brainstorming sessions?I'm foaming at the mouth to learn the art of Sprint Design Facilitation (or just Sprint Facilitation! I've already searched and reached out to people in Elpha who might do this ;cD)Thanks for the links, I'll 1000% check them out on Monday!Thank youuuuu!