Looking for executive coaching / network

Hi Elphas! I'm looking for an executive leadership group that ideally meets virtually (live) and provides the opportunity to network and connect with other women executives. I have 5-10k to put towards this.

I've been in touch with Chief but they won't extend the opportunity to interview because of my title, unfortunately- they've stated I need a VP title or above. I'm on the path to VP, but currently have a Director title.

Are there any other networks/groups out there that folks might recommend?

Hey Kimberly, There's def programs out there, I remember I came across a few, will share once I find them. You can try to reach out to some people on , as they may be good resources for both coaching or finding a program. What are your goals for entering an executive leadership group? Though, I myself don't focus on executive leadership in the coaching I offer, I'd be happy to share communication strategies that can benefit you no matter your title. Reach out if you'd like to chat.
The mentorship program that @jmmggg11 runs at First Round I believe has been opened up to anyone outside of First Round's portfolio: ← so you may want to check that out as I could see someone senior like you benefiting from being mentored by someone in the network (also, for free! 🙌)
Hi there! My across-the-street neighbor has been an Executive Coach for over 12 years (she started before it was much of a thing). She’s REALLY good at it! I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, since you mention “group” and “networking”, but it might be worth a conversation. She might be able to point you to the kind of thing you are looking for.
I'm a director level too and would love something like this! If you find something, lmk? 🤩 I have a few tight friends who are my support group, but would love a bigger group too.
Hi Kimberly, I also looked into Chief but they are only US focused for now.I am in the Rands leadership slack group which is helpful but not the same as a live group. There's also DiverHERsity for female engineering leaders. If you find anything especially something global, please do share.