Looking for an awesome full-stack engineer (+ Happy Women in Engineering Day✌🏽)

Poll Everywhere is a quirky, 60 person boot-strapped start-up based in SF on a mission to make presentations more inclusive (we also like to #keepPEweird). We are currently on the hunt for a full-stack engineer! Looking for someone who has at least 2+ years of web application experience. We're doing some exciting things internally on the DEI front, working to make our workplace more inclusive as well. Would love to have a chat about our culture and answer any questions! Please feel free to message me at [email protected] if you're interested.
@kharris428 I am interested.. DM you
Happy Belated Women In Engineering Day! I did not know it was a thing and I am so glad it exists. How did you celebrate? :-)
Hi Iynna! We celebrated in our women's Slack channel at work and exchanged funny memes and emojis ❤️
Awe I love it! Hope you find the right person for the role :-)