New to Elpha not to DEI

Welcome to my little corner of the Elpha Universe. I was raised on showing and sharing Nigerian Hospitality, so kindly take off your shoes off by my virtual welcome mat, have a sit, and taste some Jollof rice. Comfy? Good. Let's begin! I am proud to call myself a TCI, Third Culture Individual: someone who was raised in a culture other than their parents' or the culture of their country of nationality, and also live in a different environment during a significant part of their child development years (thanks Wikipedia!). In my case, I was raised in the United States as First Generation Nigerian Immigrant. This superpower has afforded many impactive opportunities and help me gained skills throughout the years. 1. Working with various communities, to support people who experience various forms of institutionalized discrimination and micro aggression. 2. Helping deliver and lead diversity workshops to various communities, teams, students and volunteers.3. Coordinating materials related to the development of diversity and inclusion principles, which include a focus on gender, racial, and religious equality, among other personal identifiers.Superpowers are best molded in various environments by a skilled mentor. I will discover and grow the superpowers on your team.

for more on my journey, take a listen here:

Welcome Fadaka! It’s terrific having you here :) thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us, how can we support you?
I am looking for support in applying for full/part time positions in event coordination and Cultural Consultantation and building new professional relationships