Is your 🐢 or 🐱 or 🐰 a PICKY EATER? What have you done to get them to eat?

Hello Elpha community. I am curious to find out how many of you have pets who are picky eaters and what you have done to solve this issue.

Did you change formulas within the same brand? Change brands completely? Put a topping on your kibble? Mix wet with dry food? Add human food to their meal?

What finally worked for you and your furry loved ones?

Thank you! Lisa ❤️🙏🏼🐶🐱🐰

I've tried switching brands many times! If I'm short on hand of other options, I'll try to mix in things I know my dog will eat for sure like peanut butter or other "toppers" you can find at the pet store!
Thank you @tanmayisai. Peanut butter was always a sure win with our golden retriever.
Dry kibble only for our spaniel and honestly she's the opposite of picky. With our previous dog, a Labrador collie cross, he was really picky but a dollop of yogurt on top of his food worked well
@sallyd Yogurt. Excellent! What flavor did you use?
Oh no just plain natural yogurt, nothing with sugar or sweetener
Hi, Lisa! My dog is picky and so is one of my cats (the other cat eats whatever!) I started mixing wet with dry and that's been working.
@DianePrince - wet with dry is the classic. Glad that works for your floofsters! πŸ˜‚
Absolutely. We tried so many brands and proteins for our labradoodle until his vet recommended purina pro plan. He still lifts the snoot up in rejection every once I a while but a bit of brown rice, ground meat or chicken broth does the trick :D.
@CChen - that sounds very familiar. Your good boy has excellent taste. πŸ˜‚