Networking for Warm Intros for position in FemTech, EdTech or DE&I

Hello Everyone!

This is my first Elpha post and I'm so excited to be here! My name is Jessi Shuraleff and my background is in sales & marketing leadership, coming from Google where I was for 13+ years. I am a passionate, people first leader and also launched my podcast, This Is My Truth, in March 2020 where my personal mission is to create community & connection through storytelling.

I quit my job at Google in Jan. 2021 after realizing I was in desperate need of a break and wanted to focus on myself & my family first & foremost. During this time "off" from corpoate America, I've realized how much I miss and love making an impact and while it would be easier to transition back to a big tech company, that's not what drives me. I'm looking to make the transition from corporate to start-up - specifically within FemTech or a DE&I related company. As a working mom in corporate America dealing with infertility & seeing inequalitieis first-hand, I'd love to be part of the change to make life easier for those experiencing infertility or workplace inequalities.

My most recent role at Google was leading a sales team of 12+ AEs & AMs on our display, video & programmatic ads business. I am a seasoned sales & marketing leader with a proven reputation for building strong internal, external & cross-functional relationships across global businesses. I'm a proven strategic thinker with the ability to develop, implement & executive efective marketing, sales & go-to-market strategies including building, tracking and exceeding KPIs/goals. I'm an ambitious, people-first leader with an entrepreneurial attidude and exceptional client relationship management skills.

I am actively looking for a career opportunity in FemTech or DE&I space. I would love to connect to peers within these industries to discuss their career journey, especially if they've transitioned from coporate into start up world. If you can make a connection with me or refer me to someone within the industry, I'd be so grateful for your time. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn here as well.

If I can support you an in any way (I'm happy to be a sounding board for business or sales strategies, challenges, etc.), please let me know!

With gratitude!

Jessi Shuraleff

I'm in a small community that has a lot of EdTech people there, I'll ask if someone is interested in a chat.
I'd truly appreciate the @MorganLucas - thank you! Please let me what I can do to support YOU!
I found someone and sent them to your LI page!
Thank you so much @MorganLucas! Truly appreciate it!
Not entirely a warm intro process, but it's been a helpful way to meet more folks in the Femtech space who could provide intros. This is a free intro service and you could focus your description and interests to get matched with folks who align with your goals. I've had three intros so far and each one has been a great experience:
@7cmiller - yes! I actually just joined the intros at FemTech Insider a few weeks ago but have only been able to do one match so far. Thanks for the reminder!
Hi @jessi8 , I'm Rachel, a Career Coach ( - If you're seeking help in your job search let me know! (i.e. strengthening personal branding materials, effectively networking, understanding the suggested balance of time to spend across the key 7 activities in your job search, setting weekly goals, measuring your progress & self-reflections, interview practice, the impact of clarifying your ideal pathway, and more). I'd be happy to chat on a free coaching call here --
Hi @rachelserwetz! Thanks so much for reaching out. I'm good for now and having a lot of success with networking conversations turning into potential opportunities but I appreciate you reaching out. :)
Thats awesome- let me know if you have any questions as you navigate interviews, assessing/comparing offers, etc!