Hi !!! I am Mirah! (:

I am the marketing intern at Staax. Let me tell you a bit more about Staax. Staax is a female-founded micro investing start up company that will change the way we invest. As someone who has never invested in anything, I am learning a lot about the importance of investing and why you need to start today as early as possible, this could mean reaching my financial goals like buying a house or even early retirement! We are a Venmo but for stocks! This means that you can send and receive fractional shares of stocks instead of getting paid back in cash. However we also have an option for getting paid back in cash if that’s more up your alley. How great is it to invest without really changing our life style and no amount is too small meaning I could invest $5 from getting paid back for my Starbucks coffee! If you are interested in this exciting new way to invest, sign up for our waitlist today!

Since I am still new to professional marketing please feel free to also tell me any suggestions you may have for me to create better content on our social media channels as well as our website which I have attached below in links!

Website: https://www.staaxapp.com

Instagram: staax.app

Tik-Tok: staax.app