Intersection of Construction Tech and FinTech 2.0

Calling all Construction Tech and FinTech professionals! On Tuesday, May 18th PropTech Collective is hosting an interactive “industry exchange” with Diana Tian and Justin Crist Lee, the two authors of Alpaca VC’s white paper on the intersection of Construction Tech and FinTech. Have thoughts on the trends or solutions being created in this space? Or, if you’re a curious mind that wants to learn more... Register here: read our white paper here: partner Justin and I interned with Alpaca VC in spring 2020. We put together the white paper after six months of work. We developed this thought leadership during the pandemic. As we are exploring the process of reopening, we believe now is the opportune time to refresh this deep-dive in the context of a post-pandemic new world. For this phase, we are partnering with PropTech Collective to kick off this industry exchange event. We hope to invite all stakeholders, experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts to collaborate, share thoughts, and provide further insights into the potential of this intersection. What does the future have in store?Proptech Collective is a community platform that exists to bridge the information, diversity, and knowledge gap between the real estate and technology industries. We are a collective of real estate professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, and community builders that believe technological innovation can change the built world for the better. Learn more at