[FREE EVENT]: You Can Thank Women for the Cocktail

Back in the heyday of gin, the spirit’s seductive nature earned it the nickname Mother Gin. From lords to ladies, mistresses to maids, all were captivated by the exotic botanicals within. Dr. Nicola Nice, founder of Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur says it's time for a reinvention of gin, and bring back the fancy and femininity of this wondrous old-world spirit. Join us to hear about her mission to give women back their rightful place in the story of gin and the cocktail, re-telling women’s stories and campaigning to bring much-needed diversity to the back bar. Nicola has great stories to share about the history of women and alcohol - including how we're responsible for the success of the cocktail and why creating female-centered spirits is a win for all that honors alcohol's roots. And... there's a bonus to this week's session: if talking about women-owned spirits might make your mouth water, we're going to enjoy a mini mixology demo at the end of the hour. If you're up for it, you can mix along with us. All you need to do is order Pomp and Whimsy at or pick it up from the closest partner location (, and make sure your home bar is stocked with fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling wine.