So excited to find this community

Hello everyone. I just found this site, as someone had posted an article from elpha on salary negotiation. I didn't know much about it but am hoping it will be helpful in my search.About me... I am a new UX researcher (just completed a UX/UI Bootcamp through Springboard about a month ago). I also have an EdD in instructional technology and distance education. I am a family caregiver and am looking to transition to a healthcare company (ideally but open to others) in UX research. I also wrote my dissertation on Efficacy Perceptions of Telepractice (prior to Covid-19 -- completed in 2019). I am interested in connecting with other women on this site: and my Portfolio is here:
Welcome Cybele and congrats on completing the bootcamp at Springboard!
Thank you. It seems like a great community here on Elpha....learning my way around!