Looking for a mentor with Stripe experience for a wildlife tech nonprofit

My wildlife tech nonprofit Key Conservation is looking for an advisor who has experience integrating Stripe into an app.We use Stripe for donations but we need help on some ideas/problems that we have not been to solve through Stripe support. If you have any other avenues you think we should explore please let me know! Thank you.Background:Key Conservation is building the world's first centralized platform for wildlife conservation action. Their live feed will showcase conservation efforts around the world in real-time with direct actionable steps anyone can take to give itemized funding, their professional skills, and in-person support. After a contribution has been put to use the organization will send an update about how they made a difference.
Hi Megan -- we use Stripe on for our credit card purchases and some of our subscription integrations. I'd be happy to hop on a 30m call to see if I can help -- feel free to DM me.
Thank you Jossie! I will DM you now.