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Live office hours!
What types of topics would you like to address?
I'm interested in topics related to career-changing, networking, mental health and work-life-balance, mentoring (how to be a mentee and a mentor; how to find mentees and mentors), and software engineering. I'm also interested in learning about the paths different women have taken to get to where they are now, and any advice they'd like to share. Thanks for asking. I'd love to see what others say:)
ALL of the above but preference for guides, reports, quizzes :)And pictures of your travels.. okay maybe that's just an iynna ask :D
100000% agree! An Iynna + Michelle ask now 😂
Cracking the job application to stand out and get an interview
Love this, in what format are you thinking though? A guide? some live office hours? An AMA like those we already (for reference:
I think a guide is something useful in our case. A very basic document with a step by step approach with tips and hacks
Noted! Do you think we should break it down per seniority eg someone entry level vs someone at the exec level will look very different? What are your thoughts?
Great point - would love by seniority
Hi, in the meantime, I recommend reading this article on how to tailor your resume and understand your fit for a role. It's the first step that will help you showcase the skills that the employer is asking for :
Thank you for this
I'd be interested in seeing resources/guides outlining an overview of product management interviews and how to ace these interview stages.
Amazing! So last week we were supposed to have our members' chat focused on PM literacy and it got pushed to July. Please stay on the lookout for the new date because we will be addressing some of these points!
Ooh, I didn't realize it got rescheduled - thanks Iynna!
Ha yes our apologies for this! We sadly had to make a last minute change! New date is TBD but will be sure to communicate this widely!
Blog posts and advice on: Navigating working in tech as we ageRetirement stuff - how to plan and budgetWhether the current job market means less leverage for remote workMenopause
These are fantastic suggestions all around! I never thought of menopause so I am SO glad you brought it up AMEN to diversity!
@nikkiespartinez started a really important discussion and as it turned out a lot of people wanted to chime in the cold call, it's my toxic trait 😈 @bstar @CindyPB @kellysnyder @Aravinda @jennarykiel @laurahoang What do you all think? Any idea on something around parenthood?
Thanks for sharing the thread. People have been so responsive, loads of great resources in relation to the topics of productivity, parenting, mental health and work.
It truly warms my heart to see the engagement and THANK YOU for starting the thread - would have not happened without you!
I work as a Business Coach for Moms so I'm open to all things business strategy (for mompreneurs) and productivity (especially with kiddos at home). I think the most beneficial format would be a regular (monthly, quarterly) space within the platform for us to interact live with one another. I think those spaces, especially with parents, is really powerful. It can be difficult to sort through all the posts and resources on the platform but knowing I have a time/day on my calendar for a targeted event would be much easier to stay committed to. @iynna
Love it Jenna, thank you for the feedback! So every month we host a monthly chat with members of the community, on a topic that members have specifically asked for. Do you think some of the topics addressed here could serve as a monthly member chat topic? Or do you think we should have totally separate discussions reserved for the Elpha Moms/parents (and open to non moms/parents who are interested in learning and supporting)?
Yeah, I think that there are a lot of great topic worthy posts in the parenting channel that could get things started. Aside from that, I think it can be a google form where active members who are willing to dedicate time to join each month submit a request. I would start with a topic that you know everyone is wanting to hear about-- for instance, a quick training and discussion on ways to combat mom guilt (I have a quick three step tool) and then the space opens up for moms to learn from each other and support one another-- from there, people who are in attendance can submit a request for the next month's topic on a google form. There's enough expertise within Elpha moms to always be able to bring a tool/resource and then a safe space for sharing. Happy to also talk more about this via zoom.
Love this! thank you for all the great suggestions. I totally agree we have a lot of members who are moms and can bring expertise!
Would love to see a LinkedIn guide--how to network, messaging templates, how to successfully job search via LinkedIn, etc.!