Would you take this digital course to get more paying clients?

I'm working on a digital course called The Entrepreneur's Guide to Get Your Business off the Ground for people who recently kickstarted a consulting business and need to land more paying clients.

In it, I will show how I used my experience to build a multi-six-figure 1:1 coaching and consulting business - explaining the exact methods, and sharing my resources, virtual assistants, SOPs, etc.

Is this something you'd be interested in and, if so, what would you want to see in it?

There are many advertisements like this. I am usually targeted on social as I am a full-time coach. I would be curious to know how you are different.
Same. I have never seen a course tell me something new.
I sent you a LI request -- looking forward to staying in touch!
@wenhsu and @MorganLucas well I think some things would be similar it's what's worked for other people too. However, I believe I'm unique in that I built a $50 million business and sold it to a public company. I've also applied my sales methods to various kinds of businesses that have all gotten extraordinary results: Led a content marketing startup from $600 to $1M in 12 months, including new clients being in the c-suite at Oracle, Rackspace, Ancestry, Girl Scouts of the USA and more.Created a B2B sales channel for a candy startup that had been solely a B2C business. The corporate sales channel balanced out seasonality and created multiple revenue streams. We onboarded clients including GE, Dolby, Pinterest and American Eagle. In just one year, got 10 new fee agreements and 3 new anchor clients for a tech staffing company, including a multi-million dollar, multi-year contractor project.Within 3 months of joining a direct sales company, and in the traditionally slowest months, I earned the incentive trip to the 5-star resort Ritz-Carlton Bacara, as well as every single incentive available to a new consultant, hit director level by the end of month 3. Conducted a job search that resulted in getting a 6-figure job within 9 weeks, after I had only been self employed for 20 years.Started a coaching business on the side of my job that generated more revenue than my 6-figure job within the first 6 weeksObtained dream clients for my coaching business, including a founder who was featured in Time Magazine’s 100 most influential list of 2021.Here's a recent case study: Client: A former teacher with a PhD in education who created a startup to improve employee retention, work satisfaction, and well-being.Problem: Jen had just closed out her most successful year ever, and wanted to embed more strategy into her business to ensure its continued growth. Jen's success came from onboarding clients here are there from speaking engagements, but since she didn't have a strategy she was leaving millions of dollars on the table and staying small. Solution: Within three weeks of our working together, Jen implemented a strategy for revenue-generating activities before her upcoming speaking engagement at SXSW. When she did the fastest-to-money work, she uncovered that she had access to conference participants through the SXSW app prior to the conference. For the first time ever, she did pre-conference prep work. She set up an email and messaging campaign targeted toward the people with who she wanted to talk. She also wrote a script to kindly decline time-wasting "let's collaborate" invitations. Result: Before the conference had even started Jen had pre-booked meetings with prospective clients that she never dreamed of connecting with before, including the Chief Deputy Superintendent of one of the largest school districts in the United States. For the first time ever, Jen had an organized system that led her to turn her 1-person consultancy into an expanded vision. Now she's building infrastructure so that she can scale to meet demand! So, there would indeed probably be similarities because there are no magic bullets, but besides my boatloads of practical experience, I'm funny, approachable, and a good teacher. What do you think would help to show people that I'm the real deal?
Very impressive experience! Diana! To me, buying is an emotional decision if it’s a high-ticket program, which will need to build on top of relationship. I need to know and trust whoever offer the program. If it’s low-price, I might be interested if I am curious about the topic or description. Hope this help! πŸ™‚
Thank you SO much, Wen! I really appreciate the feedback. My 1:1 coaching is high-ticket and my intent is to maket the digital course super high-value and low-medium ticket. I'm even going to share who my VA's are and the Loom videos that I personally used to instruct my team to do some of my sales SOPs, including training on my tech stack. Your input is very helpful.
also I sent you a LI connection request -- looking forward to staying in touch!
Unfortunately, marketing has become so aggressive and content so basic, generally speaking, that mid-career / sr. people are no longer taking risks on their time (which is more precious than their money) with courses. Your success tells me you might be on to something though :). So now the questions are: 1. Are you able to identify and translate your unique recipe into a learning program? Experts are not necessarily able to do this so it's a valid question :); 2. What do you need to showcase in your program to prove to potential buyers that it'd work for them if they follow your lead? I am interested, by the way, but these questions hoover in my head.
Hi Cristina! Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate your questions. 1. I've created online learning programs before that worked, and I've been a professor, and trained teams so I'm confident that I could help people with this course. 2. I have case studies of proven results from people who I've led, including screenshots and testimonials. One of my favorites: "I never thought in a million years I would be sitting down with a potential client who is responsible for a county that is bigger than 4 other US states! But I did indeed learn in kindergarten to listen to teachers and follow instructions. And your strategy just simply requires that. Listen and do it. We're doing it!" - Dr. Jen Johnson founder of Teacher Care NetworkI'm going to connect with you on LinkedIn so we can stay in touch. Also, may I ask, what are specific things that you could use help with in your business?
Thank you for your time, Diane, and looking forward to learning from you; hopefully I can also be of service!