Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander women (nominate by May 9th) 🌟Featured

Hi Elphas :)

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we want to celebrate the AAPI women who form part of the Elpha community by featuring them in an upcoming article.

We ask you to nominate an AAPI woman in tech (you can nominate yourself as well!) who you especially admire for their impact, their character and career journey, and the innovation they are driving in their fields. (If they’re not on Elpha, invite them with this link!)

These women are leaders, creators, executives, doers, and innovators who are breaking barriers and paving the path for others in their communities to follow.

We invite you to comment below, mention them with their @ Elpha username, and share the reason why you have nominated them.

And if you get nominated, why not pay it forward and nominate someone else?

Can’t wait to read all your stories and meet more amazing women on Elpha! 🔥

👉👉👉 Deadline to submit your nomination is Monday, May 9th.

Yesss love the self-nomination 🤗
@quinneyeQ for reinventing eye care to enable those at-home to be able to receive quality care!
Awwww thank you so much @teresaman!!! ❤️❤️❤️ You’ve always been such an amazing source of support ☺️
@Aytakin being a voice of immigrants. Publishing immigrants’ stories to increase visibility on their achievements and impact. Built an online platform called Femigrants to bring together a community of female immigrants of diverse background.
Nominating @rosepunk, whom I first had the chance to work with at Uber where she was always able to bring everyone together in the midst of significant chaos. I have always admired her leadership and her ability to bring an open (and sharp) mind to challenges. Rose has led multiple high-growth finance teams and is now building a company, product, and culture of her own at Sudozi. She saw a gap in the market and knew she was someone well-positioned to close it. If I had to identify a single superpower of Rose’s, it would be her ability to invest in the people around her. Whether it's surprising a new mom / customer with a thoughtful gift or spending time building trust and respect across her company, Rose is someone who cares for and connects people.
I would like to nominate someone who was first a coworker and quickly became a dear friend @teresaman. She is such a beautiful human inside and out. She has taught me to be kind with both myself and others, and know exactly what to say when things get a but challenging both at work and personally. I feel incredibly lucky to be in her world! ❤️
Yes! @teresaman is the absolute best 🧡 I, too, feel very lucky to be in her world. I love reading her messages on Elpha because she has great advice and always speaks from a place of empathy. Her words feel like a virtual hug 🤗
Oh I cannot agree more! "Her words feel like a virtual hug" - you are preaching!
@amygong I'm so unbelievable lucky to call Amy a teammate and friend. Her hustle and creativity know no limits. She's been growing early-stage start-ups for 7 years. Whether it was founding and growing her own food truck or establishing Soylent as a market-leading brand, her teams have all benefitted from her growth mindset and aura of positive energy. She is unequivocally an A player and I'm so lucky to work with her (and learn from her) every day. My favorite quotes from her reference interviews - “There’s no one else you’d want with you in the trenches” She's a must feature.
@felicitytse for the beautiful illustrations she creates demonstrating solidarity between Asian and Black communities ( I love how she honours her heritage through her art and activism 💪
@hphant is Asian Canadian but I’ll nom her nonetheless! She started in tech with no background and worked incredibly hard to become a product manager by the time she left after starting in support. She was working with vulnerable populations to help them get access to healthcare via video and walked hundreds of patients and providers through our platform. She made the move to product to improve the patient and provider experience, and inspired several other Asian women on our team to want to move to product through her tireless work ethic and the example she set. Love you Helen! ❤️😘 miss having you on the team
Jolyn Cafferata! She's an amazing mentor, manager, and role model. Jolyn is always looking out for those looking to make their first break in tech. On top of that, she's a strong mom of 2 boys!