May is Mental Health Awareness month - but do you know how you are doing?

One of the hardest things with 'burnout' is that it is tough to know when it is happening, until it is too late. Part of the reason is that we don't know what burnout looks like.

Are you curious about how many burnout symptoms you may have?

Here is a survey with 15 of them.

Take a few minutes to reflect on how many apply to you. If you find that the score is high, consider blocking some time this week to decide what changes you can put in place. It is often small steps that make a difference.

Note: I believe that you need to be logged in to complete a Google Form but we are not collecting email. You'll have the option to give us your email at the end.

If you decide to do a small change to improve your mental health this month, feel free to share. It may inspire others. I'll start with mine: this month I'll do my best to go for a 20 min walk before I start my day. This helps me wake up and start the day feeling I've already done something for myself.