How to stay consistent on your business goals

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Congratulations Magdalena! That's a huge milestone that you should absolutely feel proud of :)
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Thank you @iynna for your help along the way!
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> maintain your work-life balance with kiwis (intrigued?)The bird.Or the fruit?I'm guesing the bird.I'm curious tbh!
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Hi @MorganLucas! The KIWI are your Key Wellness Indicators. A neat trick you can use to become aware when you are falling off balance. It takes 5 minutes to identify them and a couple of minutes to check on them every Monday. Go to for ideas. If you do the tracking on your own, I recommend color-coding. Green for all good, Yellow for slightly off and Red for "I have not done this in a couple of weeks"There is a good correlation between our ability to stick to goals and get results and our ability to keep our kiwis green...ok, I can write about this forever, I hope the info helps!Magdalena
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I love applying business tools to my personal life and goal-setting process. Congratulations with the launch and happy growing 🥳
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Thank you @Vika! Just sent you a message :)