How to stay consistent on your business goals

Elphas, I have some good news! After a year of experimentation, I've launched my startup: Heron. First, thank you to all the Elphas that stepped in at different points to offer feedback and support. And special thanks to @Pia for the beautiful website.Heron is an accountability platform that helps you gain clarity on your objectives, maintain your work-life balance with kiwis (intrigued?) and stay consistent taking a step forward every week. You get started by taking a step by step training that will likely change how you think about objectives. Then, you can subscribe for the accountability app and start your weekly check-ins.Heron is for people that work on their own and are looking to pick up the pace. It also works very well for folks that are in corp looking to start their own business and need some accountability to stay focused and take the step.Your feedback, comments and emojis of support have been a big part of this journey. If you'd like to join the Heron flock, DM for an Elpha discount!Magdalena
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Congratulations Magdalena! That's a huge milestone that you should absolutely feel proud of :)
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Thank you @iynna for your help along the way!
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> maintain your work-life balance with kiwis (intrigued?)The bird.Or the fruit?I'm guesing the bird.I'm curious tbh!
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Hi @MorganLucas! The KIWI are your Key Wellness Indicators. A neat trick you can use to become aware when you are falling off balance. It takes 5 minutes to identify them and a couple of minutes to check on them every Monday. Go to for ideas. If you do the tracking on your own, I recommend color-coding. Green for all good, Yellow for slightly off and Red for "I have not done this in a couple of weeks"There is a good correlation between our ability to stick to goals and get results and our ability to keep our kiwis green...ok, I can write about this forever, I hope the info helps!Magdalena
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I love applying business tools to my personal life and goal-setting process. Congratulations with the launch and happy growing 🥳
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Thank you @Vika! Just sent you a message :)