TGIF: If the 10 y/o version of yourself saw you today, what would she say?

When I'm feeling down it helps me remember where I come from. I grew up in a relatively small place in Argentina. I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 14. And I didn't really speak English until I was 17.

When I feel stuck or that I don't know what I'm doing (a daily experience), sometimes I just remember that if a younger version of myself saw me today, she would be pretty impressed. She would say:

"Holy s*t you type in English so quickly, computers have become magical, it is pretty cool you live in Miami, you can travel anytime you want!"

What would the your 10 y/o version say if she saw you today?

Probably that she’s really proud of me that I haven’t given up adventure travel in any way for too long a period of time. It’s been my love since I was a child and I refuse to sacrifice it; my lifestyle has to be tied to it!
Probably, "Why da fuq aren't we backup dancers for Janet Jackson"?!
HAHA Love this! One day though if that's the goal #MANIFEST for you!
Maybe I can dance backup to a Janet Jackson cover band or drag queen.That still COUNTS! 👸🏾
Thank you for this pick-me-up, literally made my day reflecting on this :) My background is similar, I grew up in a tiny village in the literal middle of nowhere in Russia and the 10 year old me would be *blown away* by where I am now and what I'm doing with my life and how much I've grown
My 10 year old self would say: We could have done better with our life & I would tell her to listen to my parents their always pretty much right especially when it comes to dating & coming home on tme when asked to. I'd also tell her to stay away from certain guys. that we worked at some great places. Oh & to tell my parents what happened at work with the safe. I was accused of takin $100. which I didn't do. I worked for a Veterinarian & he had 8 others working for him. At the end of my shift as Receptionist I was told to put the money in the safe. Well when I got to the safe to put the money in it, 2 Veterinarians were standing blocking it. She said give me the money. I said I have to put it in there myself. She said you can trust me. So I handed her the pouch full of checks, & money reluctantly. My instincts were right. I waited for her to put it in th safe & shut it. Well when I got home from the hospital after having my cast on my leg removed I called for my hours for the week. I was then told by the mng. that I was being fired for stealing $100. I got off the phone crying. My mom asked what was wrong & I told her. Thank God she believed me & my dad. My dad called them telling them he raised a good kid, not a thief, that I never stole from them, didn't do drugs & that I babysat for others with no problems. I thought I wasn't going to be able to find work after this had happened. I go hired by a bakery, & my til was always right & when the mng. asked me to go to the bank for her, no problems. I had proven to everyone I didn't do this. Years later they finally confessed that I hadn't taken the money. You live and learn. I told them that thank God I was able to find a job, after being accused.
Age 10 was one of the worst years of my life. My first girlfriend had moved away, I was several years into bullying by my peers, and ultimately a teacher joined in on the bullying and began abusing me on the basis of my perceived gender and neurodivergence.I was experiencing deep burnout, frequent meltdowns, and self-injurious behavior, and I clearly recall trying to envision how future me would look and act.I would have been so amazed and comforted to know that I truly was a woman, that the way my brain works is truly unique and to be celebrated, that I ended up becoming reasonably successful in the technology field, that I became a defender of the downtrodden, and that I ended up finding true love after all.I've found so many of my truths and realized so many of my dreams, and I can only imagine where things will go from here!
I think she’d be surprised we didn’t go to University in the UK but glad that we got free education and I still fulfilled our dream to live in a big city while young. She’d be happy that I am earning a good living doing something I love, I’m independent and living the life she dreamed of.Thank you for asking this, I needed a reminder that this 10 year old is still within me and bursting with pride ❤️
I come from a poor background, we never had much and our Mum did the best she could.My 10 year old self would probably be gobsmacked at how far I have come and how much I have changed from the small school-bullied child I was, working long hours to prove myself in a male-dominated industry. She would also be surprised that I have my own child who has also married (I never wanted children back then after being bullied, I told myself I would never have any just to be subjected to the nastiness in this world).She would also be very proud at how strong I have become, overcoming everything that was thrown at me over the years 😄
Damn we really didn't get in Hogwarts and this was plan B?!She would be amazed that I'm out and proud, work from home and live by the beach, so pretty magical after all.🪄
All I wanted was Hogwarts 😫
I'm saddened by the fact that bullying has come up so much in the answers.
I think my 10 yr old self would be so proud of how far we've come having grown up in a abusive household. I learned to set and defend my boundaries, we haven't had any contact with our abuser for over a decade we have a wonderful family of our own, I finally found a career that fulfills me and pays well and I'm so in love with my husband of 9 years. She might be a little sad that I'm not as adventurous as I used to be, but I'd tell her I'm working on that next 😉
For my first 7 years on this planet, I grew up in the post-Soviet Union, in Moscow. My family's eventual emigration to Canada when I was 7 changed my entire life story, but also shaped it deeply. At 10, I was awaiting the arrival of my baby sister, we were moving from a tiny town to the suburb I would find my first love, my first job, my first heartbreak, and really discover who I was meant to be. My 10-yo self would be GOBSMACKED that I am, again, in the suburbs, which I claimed to hate my entire life (and enjoying them!) She would be saddened at how difficult the first few years of motherhood have been for me, but amazed at my perserverance. She would see my little boy, and instantly understand why having a little boy just FIT this life of mine. She would be proud of how much I have proven my dad wrong about being successful in a creative career. She would be MADLY in love with the idea of me finally finding a beautiful, kind, generous Latin man to call my own (I was obsessed with Wisin y Yandel when I was younger.) Never mind that he feels more like home than my own body, sometimes. She would be so at ease, knowing that I've gotten to a really good place despite the crappy men, the let downs of my education and career that have taken me out at the knees. Despite the yearly sadness. Despite the lack of belief. I hope she would see me now and know that it was all worth it, that I treated everything as a lesson, that I always did my best to learn, to be kind, to grow, and to learn to treat myself with kindness and reverence.
My ten year old self was ambitious and stubborn, and a bit aggressive- she would like to see me get myself back on the horse and doing what I love after challenges in the career realm, especially applying what I've learned through my 20's about making and keeping friendships. I think she would be proud of the resilience and passionate care with which I have conducted myself as an adult.