Do you have a hard time excelling at interviews?

Here are 8 interview tips that can increase your chances of getting a job offerπŸ‘‡1) Give concrete examples to the interview questions 2) Ask insightful questions during/at the end of the interview3) Show your confidence with great eye contact and remember to smile 4) Clarify interview questions when you are not sure about the meaning behind it5) Share solutions to problems that you identify 6) Use S.T.A.R interview method to organize your storytelling skills7) Create a small talk with interviewers and let them get to know you as a person8) Pay attention to the interviewer's words and show your listening skills. Want to learn more about job search tips? Let's connect on LinkedIn and have a chat. πŸ™Œ
@lydiahuang Thanks for sharing! What are some examples of insightful questions from your perspective?
That's a great question! I would suggest diving into the role and project-related questions. (for example, who will you work closely on a certain project? What's the goal for this new project? what challenges will you face in this role?) That shows that you have a high interest in the position AND you can use those questions to share how your skills can help the team and company grow.
Thank you! For #5 are you talking abut solutions that the company is facing?For #7 at one point should one create small talk at the start or even throughout? In which case I'd go a step further and say let your personality come out :-)
Great questions!For #5, you can talk about the problems that you identify on the company's public presense. For example, if you are applying for a social media role in a company, and you notice the low engagement on their social media post, then you can bring up your observation, and provide some solutions to solve that problem. For #7, small talk can happen at the start or throughout. The key is to create a two-way conversation between you and the interviewer. That's how people can remember you!
Agreed on both! On #7 - exactly it's about showing your personality!