User interviews - have you hosted or attended a virtual coworking session?

I work for a virtual coworking startup called Flow Club and I’d love to speak to anyone who has:

  • Organized or tried to organize a virtual coworking session
  • Attended a virtual coworking session
  • Been interested in attending a virtual coworking session

If you’d like to do a 30-minute user interview with me (and get a $30 gift card to Amazon), drop your email below or send me a DM!

I was interested in joining one, but I can't say I know where to look (besides Flow Club now!) or if I'd like it. I like working with low noise in the background.
Hi Morgan - that's great, I'd love to chat with you! Can you DM me your email so I can send more info?
The funniest thing about Flow Club is I started something similar around the same time...and they got funding. I would actually love to talk to you and be interviewed! I actually run coWORK on Fridays, Office Hours Tuesdays and have delivered virtual classes for years. LinkedIn is best for me but email works too! [email protected]
Your perspective would be so awesome to hear! Thanks for sharing - I've just sent you an email
Yep! I've participated in a bunch and also hosted some. my email is [email protected]
Perfect! Thanks for volunteering - I just sent you an email with a calendar link!
Hey Hannah - Been interested in attending a virtual coworking session. Lmk if you want to chat [email protected].
Awesome! Just sent you an email :)
Hi Hannah - if you can take international views (based in UK), I'm happy to help, and can be contacted on [email protected]
Yes absolutely! We have a growing UK user base. Just sent you an email!