Elphas with ADHD! Can I do a user interview with you?https://www.flow.club/

Hey there! I work for Flow Club, a platform for virtual co-working sessions + a focus-inducing Lounge, and we are building some new features to support our users with ADHD that I would love to get some feedback on.

If you have ADHD or a "squiggly brain," can I interview you and show you some mockups? In exchange, I'll give you a free month-long trial to Flow Club 😄

Drop a comment below or send me a DM to let me know you're interested!

inesvandijk's profile thumbnail
I don't have an official diagnosis, still working on that, but 99% certain I do have ADHD. Happy to help out :)
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That's totally fine and works great, thanks for volunteering! I'll send you a DM now to get your email :)
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Hey stranger! Fancy meeting you here :) Also happy to help out!
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Hey hey! Nice to see you here :) and thanks for offering to help. I'll shoot you an email, you'll have to take a session with me and Jordan some time!
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Yesss, sounds good!!
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ADHDer here, interested and willing to participate!
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Amazing - thanks Emma! Will shoot you a DM to get your email so we can set it up :)
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Happy to help out!
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Awesome! Thank you - I'll send you a DM so we can get your email to set it up!