Hello, girls!

I am a new here and I am very glad and honored to be a part of the Elpha community. Let me introduce myself: I am a freelance UX/UI Designer living in Brazil. I am a very strong visual designer with good analytical skills and deep understanding of user and business needs. And here is how I can help your business:

- Complete UX/UI Mobile App Design from scratch

- Design of the landing page for your business

- My professional review of your product in the format of a one-time query or comments in your Figma file

- Any kind of service related to UX Design (User Research, customer development, User Testing)

- Content Design for your website

- Social media Design


- I am a very strong visual designer with consistent and systematic approach to design job

- I am extremely dedicated. I really want you and the final user to be happy with my job and provide you the best quality possible.

- We are always in touch. As a part of my job, I am digging into your business and reflect it in the design.

- I am opened for work with low-cost startups. Since I am living in Brazil, perhaps, the salary identified as low in your country will be a senior level in Brazil.

My portfolios:



Do not hesitate to keep in touch with me and just say hi, I am very opened to a simple career exchange chat.

Here is my new linkedin page: