[How women succeed in tech] I’m writing a book and I’d love your insights!

Dear Elpha’s

I’m the global head of scientific support for a large software company and an inclusion strategist.

My DEI work was prompted by my dismay at realizing in 2015 that fantastic women that had started with me had either quit tech tired of fighting over and over the same battles or given unappealing jobs when they came back from maternity leave.

In summary: Realizing the massive problem we have retaining women in tech.

Unfortunately, little has changed. 7 years later, still, more than 40% of women that start in the tech leave the sector.

What if we shared what has made us stay?

I have a favour to ask, I’m writing a book about how women succeed in tech worldwide. I’d be immensely grateful if you could complete and share with your network of women in tech this short survey about their experiences at work

Whilst the survey is anonymous, you'll have the option to get involved in the project before submitting the form.

Thanks! Patricia

*NOTE: What do we mean by “Women in Tech”? Women working in any function (R&D, HR, services, finances) in the tech sector (software, hardware…) or in tech-related functions in other sectors (e.g. IT, cybersecurity…).

Thinking that this will be another survey you’ll fill out for nothing? 2 years ago, I run a survey about the effect of covid-19 on the unpaid work of professional women. We gather 1,300 responses!You can read the final 70 pages report at