Parlay House is finally coming to Orange County!

Self-care is a universal need and yet we rarely - if ever - get taught how to build it into our daily lives and habits.

As women, many of us get stuck in the cycle of putting others first, but at Parlay House, we work together to find a better balance. That's why for our very first Orange County event, we're bringing in Danika Brysha, founder of Model Meals and Self-Care Society, to teach us how to create our own self-care strategies so we can set the kind of sturdy foundation that serves as the support for anything and everything we dream of.

If it's your first time gathering with us, expect a home filled with kind, interesting women outside of your typical social circles, real talk (not networking), nourishing bites, wine, and non-transactional relationships. It's what we're all about!

We can't wait to see you there! Please invite any women in your life to join us as we kick off this special space together!