Does anyone know about corporate structure and business registration?

Hi Ladies,

Right now I am based in Hong Kong (but looking to move asap). Anyhows, I have been running my social dining community since March 2016 successfully with pop ups in Singapore, Sydney, London, San Francisco and New York. Granted, I can't be everywhere at the same time but have seen meaningful authentic relationships being forged at each of my dinner parties. As such, I wish to set up my supper club community in different cities with different hosts/city leads. I was wondering how do i structure this legally from a business standpoint. Do i need to register a delaware C corp as well if I want to run it in US in tandem with the HK operations?

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.



That's so exciting! And personally if I could have a superpower it would be to clone myself and be at different places at the same time haha but I digress.Have you considered a 501c3 (non profit) and have different chapters so the same as any other community out there (e.g All Raise, etc)? Might be better from a tax perspective. More here
Thank you for your advice and words of encouragement! Oh let me check them out. But this is a for profit company. 🙈
I do , however, from time to time run supper clubs for a social cause.
Hi - My name is Shermin Lakha and I am the Managing Attorney of LVLUP Legal ( I would speak to a CPA or accountant as to whether you need to file in the US and a foreign qualification in each city that you are operating. Are you obtaining profits from these supper clubs? Once you confirm with a CPA of the best way to file, we would be happy to assist you with filing your legal entities.