"How can I deal better with the difficult times?" - here are 3 powerful tips

The question I get quite often these days:

"How can I deal better with the difficult times?"

Here are 3 quick yet powerful tips:

1. Work on accepting your emotions. 🧘

Recognize that uncomfortable emotions in the current situations are normal, and that we need to give them a bit of space.

Allow them to be, sit with them for a moment, name them, explore them, try to understand them, express them.

Once you gave them a bit of space, gently release them - like autumn tree would release it's leaf.

But also allow space for enjoyable emotions!

If, in the difficult situation, you are still able to feel joy, gratitude, moment of laughter or serenity, that is brilliant!

It is not something to cut ourselves off from - instead, it is something to nourish, cultivate, savour and draw strength from.

Keep that alive!

2. Focus on what you can control. 🚴

Step into action in those aspects of the situation that you have impact over.

Help and support others. Do something for your wellbeing. Create something valuable.

Focusing on what we can control makes us feel stronger, and gives us energy to do more.

It also distracts us from overthinking all the aspects over which we are powerless.

You know what is one aspect that you can always work with and you have most control over?

Your thinking, emotions and motivation.

How to work with your thinking?

There are many ways (I keep talking about them on Happiness Academy under the topic of Mindset, so keep an eye

here or on the newsletter for more tips).

A great first step is to focus on cultivating more gratitude and appreciation for things that are good in your life.

3. Connect with others, share and support.✨

Human connection and sense of belonging is one of the strongest foundations of our resilience.

Reach out to people close to you. Talk, share, be open. Listen, see how can you support.

I am not talking about basking in negativity together nor about draining your resources by trying to be saviour for everyone.

Instead, I am talking about being open, vulnerable and focusing on genuine human connection.


These tips only work if you actually put them in practice ;)

So, choose one, and put it in practice already today! 💪🏻

If you feel like sharing in this post what have you been doing for your own wellbeing - related to these three tips or not - I would love to hear! Do share!


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