(Clubhouse) Educators in Design & Techhttps://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/xlnN11aj

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This is great! I'll send you a DM.
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Would love to connect around this topic! I’m and educator AND UX person, now on the investment side of things. I’m @j_millstone on Twitter & Clubhouse.
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Would love to join Ana! I'm an ex product manager at Uber and a tech entrepreneur based in silicon valley. My Clubhouse username is @ariamsfar. I've listed topics I can help with in my Clubhouse bio :)
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I'm on the board for a tech-edu nonprofit bringing STEM education & career advice to middle & high school kids, and have been working in tech for the past 5 years. Would love to collab! @evadora on clubhouse
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Love this! DM'ing you!
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FYI @Maris fellow educator in tech!