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This looks awesome Sambhavi! A couple thoughts I had...- I'm clearly not the intended audience for this, but in the first paragraph within the hero, I wasn't sure what SOP is ๐Ÿ™ƒ- Overall I think the website is very cleanly laid out with information that is easy to understand- From a brand perspective, I find there to be a bit of a dissonance between the colours used in the logo (orange and green) and the main colour scheme of the website (purple). The logo colours aren't echoed anywhere else so to me it seems a little disjointed.
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Thanks, Teresa for your feedback. Yeah, I'm so used to SOPs now, didn't give it much thought :), good catch though, I shall change it.Logo, I see what you are saying. Will see how to stitch them together.Thanks again!
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Yay! Thanks for sharing this. Feedback around design: - The bouncy effect where the navigation animates onto the page was very jarring for me at first, and almost came across as "spammy;" typically when I see something animated in the top left corner of a landing page, it's a pop-up trying to get permission for notifications, so my immediate gut reaction was wanting to hit "x" to stop whatever was bouncing in;- Color scheme / illustrations are nice; looks very much like a typical B2B SaaS productFeedback on copy: - Question: Is this placeholder copy? It all feels very vague, so I'm almost wondering if this hasn't been written yet...? If this isn't placeholder copy, then I'd say: -- Is the call to action "Sign Up" or "Get Started"? Might be nice to have these consistent -- No need to capitalize "The" in the above the fold H1-- In the bottom sections, I find the header text "Features, translate to benefits" to be especially odd; all products should have features that translate to benefits; you don't need to waste your on-page real estate explaining that to me; the headline should be a primary benefit of the product; -- Same thing for "What are your top benefits?" this is repetitive because the kicker clearly reads "BENEFITS;" the text should explain the primary benefit, i.e. "Take complete control of your SOPs" -- This copy "You love quality, you love saving money for your org, you love to use your time productively, then GoReview is for you" could literally be describing ANY B2B SaaS product; it's not specific enough; almost all SaaS products are about cost savings in terms of productivity; how can you make this speak more to your specific buyer? Overall, I'd say this landing page copy needs more context around the current pain points for current solutions. Without a product like GoReview, what do teams have to do instead? What does that feel like? And, how does GoReview remove this pain or make things uniquely better?
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Thank you so much Melanie for your candid feedback, it's really really useful. I shall go take a stab at the copy part of the page right away. And yeah, even I was not too happy with the animation, will remove it.Know what, when I give feedback to other people's landing pages, I always advise these, but when it came to me, I guess I was home blinded or just overused to the product, ha ha ha, that's the downside when a single person wears many hats I guess ;) Jokes apart, thanks much again! I really appreciate you taking your time off to give such detailed feedback.
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Adding to all above: Even though the color themes are matching I can still tell that you used illustrations from different ready made sets. I can understand you don't have the budget when first starting out, but maybe customise a little with a tool like https://www.producthunt.com/posts/itg-digital , https://www.producthunt.com/posts/vector-illustration-creator or https://www.producthunt.com/posts/undraw-1
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Thanks @ctastan. I usually use undraw, this time went to freepik and missed noticing the shades. Thanks for pointing that out, will fix it.I will bookmark the other two PH links too, thank you.