Any experience of selling your online business in marketplaces like Flippa, Acquire? Would love to hear your inputs.

Just wanted to check whether any member here have experience selling your online business/solution in a marketplace like Flippa. Anything you might want to share, do's and don'ts, any red flags. If you've the time, we can catch up over a quick 15 min call too. Thanks a lot!

For a quick background, I developed 2 SaaS products that was used by Customers pre-Covid. Had to offshelf those during Covid. They are well thought of solutions, but I don't intend to give it a second life now. Was wondering whether it'd make sense to sell them in marketplaces. Since I do not have any experience with these, I wanted to check with elphas here, get some idea as to what'd be the expectations, minimum criteria, how much of an effort would be required and anything that you think may be of help. Thanks again!

I personally do not but I follow They Got Acquired ( and I think you might have some good leads there.
Thanks much @iynna , I shall check this out!