Let's talk about coding podcasts. Coding podcasts are a great resource for all developers. What is your favorite coding podcast? What are some of your favorite episodes? Share your favorites and links to these podcasts in this post. If you want to start listening to coding podcasts, check out the link to this Free Code Camp article in this post. This article has a good list of podcasts developers can start listening to. It also shares different you can use to listen to podcasts.
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Not a coding podcast, but related ā€“Ā I really enjoy Darknet Diaries. It's all true stories about hackers, cybercrime, etc.
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I listen to Fragmented for all the Android things
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I'm loving the ladybug podcast šŸ˜ƒ https://ladybug.dev/In fact acouple of the host are elphas :)@kellyvaughn @aspittel
Unpopular opinion: I cannot decide if I like this podcast and I really wanted to.
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I enjoy like half of the Software Engineering Daily podcasts... there are so many!
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There's also the BaseCS podcast where they go over data structures and algorithms! https://www.codenewbie.org/basecs