Seattle in-person meetup?

Hey there! I'm in the Seattle area and would love to do an in-person gathering! Anyone else in the area??

I'm in Central Washington but visit that area often, I'm interested.
Iā€™m on the Eastside!
Iā€™m on Mercer island! Would love to join
I'm on the Eastside too!
I'm on Capitol Hill in Seattle! Would those of you that responded be interested in an informal gathering in Seattle at some point? Perhaps meet up at a brewery or bar for a drink and mingle? I won't be available until mid-July but would love to organize something then.
I'll also be in Seattle in July, would love to attend a meetup
Awesome! I can circle back around in July and set something up!
I just joined and am interested! Did this happen?
Hey Kimberly! It hasn't happened yet. I was hoping to organize something but I'm gone until the end of the month. I'm happy to try and organize something in August or, attend a meetup that someone else organizes!
I'm in Redmond, but absolutely interested in this! Any updates?
Has there been a meetup in Seattle? I'm new to the area this month and would love to connect with some Elpha ladies!