A call to American therapists working abroad

Hey there! I'm exploring options for where to go next with my career. I've thought about becoming a therapist many times over the years and lately this feeling has really been bubbling up.

However, I just moved to France with my partner. This opens up a whole other can of worms. The sorts of questions that I'm asking myself: Can I get my masters in therapy in the US from France? Are there programs in Europe in English that I should know about? Would an American license in therapy transfer to France? Is it possible to work with the expat community in France? If I got a license in Europe, would this be transferable back to the US if I move back one day?

I'd love to connect with anyone who might have any experience with any of these questions! Thank youuuuu 🤓🙏

Being a therapist in France is extremely regulated. Transfer of licence will be examined on a case by case! I recommend checking official government pages such as this one (i think you can translate it into english from google translate)
Thank you very much for this info! It was really helpful. And you’re absolutely right, it’s very regulated in France. πŸ€“πŸ™
Absolutely! Please keep us posted on the journey, this is really exciting!