What is your notice period? βœ‹At will employment πŸŽ‰2 weeks πŸ˜‚4 weeks ❀️6 weeks πŸ‘2 months πŸ‘‰3 months πŸ‘€4+ months

✋At will employment

🎉2 weeks

😂4 weeks

❤️6 weeks

👍2 months

👉3 months

👀4+ months

Love this poll!! Added emojis for ya so people can 1-click respond ;)
I wonder if poll answerers are european, or misunderstand the question, because most full time jobs in the US are "at-will". This means that while it's customary to give someone 2 week's notice before leaving, you are legally able to walk away at any moment, or to be fired at any moment. Whereas in some European countries, you are legally obligated to give 3 months notice.
Nearly all employment in the US is at will, but the manner of your separation can determine whether or not your former employer will let you apply for COBRA if applicable, whether your remaining vacation time gets paid out to you if that's a policy of their's, etc.
I didn't know that! thanks for spelling it out for me.
Yep UK based and slowing getting through a 12 week notice period. Really shocked to hear in the US it can be immediate, I didn't know that. Less than 4 weeks is very unusual here. It protects both sides. For senior roles 3 months is standard. People do occasionally walk out but in 20 years I can only think of a couple of times that's happened. Gardening leave is common, which is serving your notice without having to work. You only get that if you're going to a competitor usually. You can't start your new job until garden leave ends.
Is this asking "what is your legal obligation" or "what do you customarily do"? As someone based in the US, those are two different things. Customarily, I give 2 weeks notice when I'm leaving a job, however, legally, I can give zero notice, and if I were to be fired, it would likely be immediate and without any notice. I don't think I've ever observed any of my employers, in close to 20 years of working, let an employee go and it wasn't immediate. Sometimes they won't even let you go back and clean out your desk or grab your things, they'll have someone get your purse & coat, and security will walk you would of the building, then someone from HR will pack up your desk and mail your personal items to you.