Group Coaching Workshop to Land your 1st Product Management Role

​Facilitated by experienced product managers at Google and LinkedIn.

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​After having helped hundreds of candidates land their 1st product roles at Google, Facebook, Amazon and more, we learned that successful candidates are able to articulate their product-market fit in their resume and self-elevator pitch to proactively help hiring managers de-risk their hiring decisions and highlight superpowers to draw others into learning more about what they can uniquely offer.

​​After this interactive, rapid coaching workshop you will walk away with

  • A compelling resume: actionable and empowering next revisions for your resume to highlight your superpowers and relevant experience to land interviews
  • A strong "why" narrative on what's next for your career: clarity & confidence on what roles & companies fit your skillsets and what you would like to do in the long term
  • A focused PM job search strategy: accelerate your PM search process with clarity and focus and get more interviews and offers

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Product Mastermind is an 8-week program to help you land a product management job with a peace of mind. 70% of Product Mastermind alumni landed a product offer within 2 months upon graduation. You will learn from seasoned PMs from companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and LinkedIn and have access to 50+ bite-sized videos, 15 highly interactive live sessions and a cohort of like-minded peers. More about us at: