Looking to speak with Femtech entrepreneurs!

Hi everyone!

I am a digital business and innovation Master's student in Amsterdam, and I want to study the Femtech industry as part of my Master's thesis. I am thinking about studying the innovation process of femtech products & services, including the motivation of femtech entrepreneurs, stakeholders' expectations, challenges, the design priorities for users' acceptance.

If you're a femtech entrepreneur, or work for a femtech company, I would love to interview you!

Please message me if you are interested to participate or know someone who would be, and if you would like to know more about the study!

Thank you very much! :)



Thank you! 😊
Tagged our femtech community for you! ✨ (and deleted your duplicate post)
Thank you so much! 💕
Hello Jessica, happy to chat, I work at an enterprise app for fem-tech.
Sent you a direct message! :)