Searching for a Web Developer(s)

Hello everyone,

I recently voluntereed to re-design a website for a non-profit organization. The founder has been building and updating his website without code. My re-design is a bit more complex so we are searching for web developers who can help and get his website up and running. This is a volunteer opportunity. Please message me if you are interested 😊

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Hi @wendyv! I'm a front-end developer (I know some CSS, HTML, JS, React). I would be very happy to help. Please let me know how can I contribute!😍You can DM me, or here is my email address: [email protected]
Hi @wendyv! I'd be happy to help as well! I'm a front-end dev with experience in HTML, CSS, JS, React, as well as low-code sites such as Wordpress and Squarespace. I also have a background in Web Design so I can translate your designs to a web dev, should you want to work with a team :)