Equity Compensation in Early Stage Startups (Seed, Series A)


I'm looking for guidance on what's standard for equity comp in seed and series A stage companies for a VP-level role.

I would be the 12th hire and would be part of group that drives revenue for the company.


CONGRATS on this role! This sounds really exciting!There’s a lot of moving parts (what’s the role, what’s your background/experience, what’s the startup funding status ie how much did they raise, how the startup is doing etc) so I can’t tell you a number However here are tools that might be helpful (remember that things like your location in case you are remote might come into play)
Hi Iynna! Thank you so much!!
Congratulations on your new :).I don't have a specific answer to your question, but I have found this article helpful to learn about equity compensations. of luck.
Thank you, Princiya!!