Equity Compensation in Early Stage Startups (Seed, Series A)


I'm looking for guidance on what's standard for equity comp in seed and series A stage companies for a VP-level role.

I would be the 12th hire and would be part of group that drives revenue for the company.


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CONGRATS on this role! This sounds really exciting!There’s a lot of moving parts (what’s the role, what’s your background/experience, what’s the startup funding status ie how much did they raise, how the startup is doing etc) so I can’t tell you a number However here are tools that might be helpfulhttps://angel.co/salaries (remember that things like your location in case you are remote might come into play)https://ga-core.s3.amazonaws.com/cms/files/files/000/004/754/original/GA_HowToGetAJobAtAStartup.pdf
Hi Iynna! Thank you so much!!
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Congratulations on your new :).I don't have a specific answer to your question, but I have found this article helpful to learn about equity compensations.https://blog.pragmaticengineer.com/equity-for-software-engineers/Best of luck.
Thank you, Princiya!!