Looking for a Womxn Negotiation + Career Development Speaker

My company is looking for a speaker to lead a virtual workshop or talk focused on helping women in tech/manufacturing learn tactics to help them with job negotiations, how to take control of their professional growth, and more! Would love to have someone from this group or someone they recommend, speak to maybe 80-250 womxn about their career growth. - Not sure if this would be a paid opportunity or not yet.

Hi! I would be happy to do this talk/workshop for your company. I specifically in helping women in STEM related careers. Let’s chat. Please email more information at [email protected].. Thanks! Joan
Hi @anshuvipparla I am a leadership coach and work with women from all backgrounds, from tech to retail to higher education. Would love to hop on a call and talk about this opportunity. My focus is developing your leadership brand, aligning your career with your values, setting boundaries and I have a framework for negotiations. Feel free to email me directly [email protected]
Ashley Pare, from Own Your Worth has been phenomenal. I've seen her speak, and I've even taken some of her workshops. She has, hands down, allowed me to ask for way more money than I thought that I could and for the benefits that are important to me that are not monetary. Here's her website.
@SarahBerchild23 thank you Sarah! You are a rock star!
Hi @anshuvipparla - so great to hear your company is looking to bring this content to your employees! This is exactly the type of work I do and have done for many tech companies. As @SarahBerchild23 mentioned, you can check out my website - or email me - [email protected] and we can chat about the specific results and outcomes you're looking for. Cheers to owning your worth!
Hi Anshu, I would do this for free. I am newer to speaking engagements. I'm a leadership and career coach on the side and a global dept lead for tax technology for a multi-billion dollar company in the payment technology industry. I have personal experience in being promoted 5x, advocating for myself, entering new fields without starting from the bottom, negotiating a 41% salary increase and a 54% increase, and building a brand that is sought after. I love empowering and helping others show up as their authentic self with tools to succeed.
Hi @anshuvipparla I'm happy to help. You can email me [email protected]My speaking menu is attached :)
Hi @anshuvipparla! I am a leadership communication coach and consultant, and this is the exact work that I do. My clients are typically womxn in STEM...I was a hospital speech pathologist prior to pivoting to corporate speech training so it's a very natural fit for me. Would love to talk to you further about this! Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. ✨
Check out my "Navigate Work Culture with Confidence" & "Set Boundaries for Healthy Work Relationships" talks - the abstracts are on
Hello Anshu! (@anshuvipparla)It looks like you have some fantastic options in this thread already. I'd like to add one of my top requested talks, Leading Edge Actions: What women in the c-suite do differently and how you can do it too.When you aspire to grow your career and make a big impact in male dominated fields like STEM and manufacturing it can feel daunting. We look to the women ahead of us with appreciation, but uncertainty. How did they do it? In this talk I uncover what the research tells us about women who are at the top of their professions and what they did to get there. If you'd like to learn more, please email [email protected] or connect with me on LinkedIn: Thanks and best wishes for your event!Kristen
Monica Rivera is a brilliant strategist -- met her through a professional organization and did a few coaching sessions with her last year. She meshes empathy seamlessly with business strategy and design and is naturally empowering while maintaining efficacy. She holds a high degree of cultural competency as well--highly recommend connecting with her. She's an absolute joy to work with and to know.Contact: [email protected]
Hi, the best negotiation technique I know and learned from is not by a woman. I have put this to work personally and found it to be incredibly powerful. The book has exercises in the back that I used. I have worked with numerous hardcore male dominated industries. This is an effective technique.
Hi. I just interviewed Claudia Miller on my podcast and she is a Negotiation Strategist and Career Coach. If you do reach out, please let her know that you were referred by the Jess Get Hired podcast.
I am developing a pov and workshop on sustainable career growth. I can be reached at [email protected].
@anshuvipparla Hello -- Have you found someone yet? If not, I'd be interested in learning more!