A way to help and find help in your communities

An announcement and a call for help!My name is Anju and I am the founder of VCYNTA, our mission is to serve as a platform that facilitates human connections and enables neighbors within communities to help each other and make asking for help and getting help easy.The VCYNTA Website is designed to make helping each other in the community easier. VCYNTA website aims at matching people seeking help with people who can provide that help. Help could mean donations, shopping for groceries/prescriptions, helping with a household chore, driving someone for an appointment, etc. Anyone needing help can post a request and the website notifies people signed up as volunteers. Volunteers can accept the request and help the requestor. VCYNTA website is free to use. Our hope is that long term the website serves as a platform that enables neighbors within communities to help each other.We are looking for help in getting the word out about VCYNTA and would really appreciate your help. You can help in the following ways:1) Sign up for a free account here - - We will notify you when someone requests help.2) Post about VCYNTA on Facebook. You can share this post if you like Share about VCYNTA on LinkedIn. Here is a post that you can share.