“Am I really doing this?” I thought as I paid the $50 to file for my own LLC. I felt excited yet terrified. I had no idea how to run a business. But you know what...I figured it out! And you will, too, if you decide starting a business (rather than working for someone else) is right for you.If you answer YES to most of these questions entrepreneurship could be in your future:✔️Am I a risk-taker?✔️Am I a creative thinker?✔️Am I (halfway) comfortable selling?✔️Am I ok failing (and trying again)?✔️Am I agile?✔️Am I open to new ideas?✔️Am I ok to work without a team sometimes?While you can certainly delegate creative tasks, selling, and more later on, when you first start out you must be willing to do most of them yourself.Now, if you answer NO to most of these, it doesn’t mean you can’t start a business. You just may have some mindset shifts to make.👉Want to learn more about starting a business? Schedule some time with me at