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100% agree with you! Moms should make self-care a priority. BUT especially this year, self-care is seen as a luxury that some moms don't have right now, between working and managing virtual homeschooling. And with COVID not being able to actually have physical support.When that is the reality for you, I think a lot of emphasis has to be placed on shifting your perspective. I'm lucky that I was able to put my kid back into day care but for a few months when we kept him home, it was a loooooot. I mean i was going nuts! But I had to put in a lot of effort to try to do some positive reframing, try to find the silver linings. Practicing positive self talk even in the moments that I didn't believe it like "My kid is very expressive and dynamic" instead of "holy crap i can't handle this tantrum right now" really helped me.
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Yes, Hannah! And the thing is self-care can be as simple as changing your perspective in just one situation (just like you mentioned). It isn’t just spa treatments and meditation- our society has done a terrible job of commercializing self-care.