Looking for part-time roles in EDI

Hi All,

Hoping that the incredible Elpha network might have some leads, or ideas where to continue my search.

I work as a Project Manager, but a lot of my side-projects, both in and outside of my FT role are EDI-focused, particularly in Disability Inclusion, Race Equality and LGBTQ+ representation. I am looking to take on a PT role that allows me to utilise these skills more specifically.

I'm based in the UK, but willing to work from GMT-5 through to GMT+2.


Thank you, Madison! What kinds of roles do you want to do? Some companies have more and more been looking for DEI coaching (we had an OH on this last week actually if it gives you some ideas
*I don't know why this posted anonymously- this is OP*Thanks Iyanna - Kim's AMA was so inspiring and illuminating!I'm either looking for roles where Senior Leaders are looking for coaching on EDI issues, particularly around gender, sexuality and disability issues, or where a company needs assistance in shaping, or reframing their company policies from an EDI perspective.