How to raise funds on a future of work startup

Hello, my name is Fabiola and I’m the CEO of The Tactic.

The Tactic is a web and an app by and for digital nomads, where you get to swipe right on remote opportunities and find a nomad community.

Finding a remote opportunity shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming, so we’ve made it simple: no need to go through tons of postings and apply for things you’re not even sure about, plus our listings are hand-curated by our team.

We launched 10 weeks ago, andso far we have:

+700 subscribers to test the beta

+154K views on our social platforms.

This being said, I'd love to get feedback on the product or on how to raise funds for an early stage startup as a solo-woman founder,


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Hi @fabiolarfg! I coach founders (including several elphas) on things like this. Feel free to schedule a call if you'd like to talk