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Hi everyone! I'm currently in search of a job and I saw an amazing opportunity with product hunt as a "Storyteller, Content Lead" I wanted to ask if anyone has ever work h here that would maybe have some tips for me in order to properly apply :) have an awesome weekend!
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I don't but if you have access to Clubhouse, Product Hunt does chats on that app about their team, app, and they give advice to people in the entrepreneurial space. It may be a good way to just get a sense of who they are / their vibe. FYI
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Thank you!!! I'll check it out!
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@jiwonmoon I think I remember you mentioning that you first had applied to a role at WeFunder that was also "Storyteller"?
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hahaha yes! I'm sure the roles are different at respective companies but ultimately you want to be curious about writing stories specifically about founders (at Wefunder) and makers (at Product Hunt). I got my job as storyteller at Wefunder because I had made videos about founders for fun and shared the videos + cover letter with the CEO. Later I found out that I was hired because I'd made those videos. I don't think the CEO even read my resume!I don't know the job description for this specific role but if I were applying for this job, I might make a few projects telling stories about Product Hunt makers - reach out to them and say you're really interested in sharing their story on your social media :) @fabiolarfg
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Thank you so much! this is really helpful :)