Hey everyone,I began working on my startup in March 2020. Since then, I've joined WAY more online communities than I'd ever been a part of before, including elpha. I'm amazed by how helpful the communities have been. Through these communities, I've -1) engaged a lawyer 2) joined free marketing challenges to help hone my startup's messaging3) received incredible feedback from surveys shared in the communities4) connected with people who had dealt with challenges I was encountering5) found tools that I've been able to leverage for my own workand way way more...Despite being grateful for every post and every response, I've felt something was missing. As I dug into different ways to fill the gap, I came across many incredible options... but most of them required paying a subscription fee. I'm sure they're all wonderful programs, but as a bootstrapping entrepreneur, it's hard to stomach spending money on those programs instead of directly on my business.And so, inspired by a product slack workspace I'm in that's been one of the most useful resources to me thus far*, I decided to create a slack workspace dedicated to founders - the Founders' Alliance. Free to join, free to ask questions in, free to share, free to all! While I know it will only be as useful as people make it and people may not get answers to every question posted until the group is larger, I've seen how powerful a slack community* can be. If anyone wants to join, here's an invite link (active for 28 days - can't make one longer than that, it seems): forward to seeing some elphans there!------------* Friends of Lenny's, if anyone is interested in checking it out! Although it's technically a benefit of being a paid subscriber to Lenny's product newsletter, Lenny often provides complimentary invites for women in an effort to ensure the group's diversity
Thank you for sharing!!