NYC Volunteering & Mixer Event

Hey y'all!

Blink is hosting a volunteer + singles mixer event on August 4 with Guaranteed Karma. Join us for an evening of doing good and making connections in Williamsburg, followed by the mixer at TailGate Brooklyn! TailGate will provide volunteers with one free drink and half off till 8pm.

Where: TailGate Brooklyn (86 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249)

Date: Thursday, August 4

Volunteering: 6-9pm (6-7pm volunteering, 7-9pm mixer)


(note: people in relationships are welcome for volunteering!)

I hope to see some Elphans there!

OOh so fun! I have shared widely with my group of MBA ladies who are single :-) That's an EXCELLENT market for you :)
First feedback I got: Why are we welcoming people in relationships? And low key I have the same question, defeats the purpose ...
First off, thank you for sharing it with people!! In partnering with a volunteer platform, we want to make sure we’re not preventing folks from volunteering simply because they’re not single - we still want to do some good for the community. The volunteer activity is picking up trash, which is inherently a partnered activity because one person holds the bag while the other uses the picker upper to snatch the garbage. We plan to pair couples together for that so singles are still paired together to socialize. This is the first time we’re hosting this type of event and we’ll definitely see if the mix prevents people from being able to connect. I appreciate the feedback and will definitely chat with our partners at Guaranteed Karma about it for next time💜
Thank you for responding and the explanation!I think it probably could be clearer in the description :) because advertising a singles mixer with couples welcome could be a bit misleading (my 0.02)!Curious to hear what you learn from this first event!Sadly I can’t make it but wish you success!!
Edited to clarify a bit and will ponder over a better way to do it down the line. Thank you again Iynna!
Love this! Tagged NYC + Elpha Climate for extra viz, and would totally join if I were in town!
Thank you so much Teresa!💜💜💜💜