Pandemic-Friendly Valentine's / Galentine's Day Ideas! personal ideal is #3 + #6 (cause game night is more fun with 🍸)Is anyone else doing anything for Valentine's Day? Would love to hear what if so... always on the lookout for ways to make the work from/exist in/never leave home life a little more fun!
Ooh, thanks for reminding me to start planning! LOL.I'll probably do a mix of:#2. Cook a homemade meal, #6. Create a signature non-alcoholic cocktail, and #3. Play a meaningful card gameI'm also planning to squeeze in a ✨create a Valentine's day video together ✨activity too. Just so we could remember this V-day for years to come.
A valentine's day video to remember this V-Day is so smart!! I might borrow this idea and do the same!