I'm an absolute novice when it comes to funding, VCs, investors and such. Would love to understand more.

Hello Elphas,Good Morning!I'm a first-time entrepreneur(both me and my husband jumped onto the entrepreneurial boat together). All this while my company was a bootstrapped one, I never spent any time understanding how the world of funding works. I now think this will be the right time for me to understand how the world of funding works. Fundamental things like what happens after a company presents a pitch deck and they get selected, then what happens, what would be the expectation from an investor, do they drive the whole business then, I've quite a few questions running on my mind.Searching on the internet gives me too many resources and to be really frank I've got loads on my plate already. Any pointers to good, crisp resources, any upcoming webinars, any fellow elpha who would be willing to enlighten me - I would be really thankful.Have a wonderful day!- Sambhavi
Happy to discuss anything you want, I've been VC for 3+ years and was in your shoes as an entrepreneur before, feel free to DM!
That's so nice of you Iynna, thank you so much. Will DM right away :)
I absolutely encourage you to research/learn about venture capital and the types of companies it really works for in advance (as you are doing). I actually just did an interview about this for the NYC LeanIn chapter on Facebook Live yesterday, and would be happy to share a recording and our resource list when it’s published next week. And talk to everyone you know who is an investor/raised VC money! So many different versions of it and it will help form the financing route YOU want to take as you build.
Thanks for your valuable reply @jemstone. Yep, let me start talking to people who traveled the VC route for investment, it's always good to hear from the horse's mouth.Please do share the recording once it's ready, will be looking forward to it.Thanks again!