Has anyone suffered from Hives/Urticaria?

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I used to have hives a couple of years ago and all the dermato had to say was "it's stress" (I hate when we blame stress for everything surely there must be a scientific reason haha) Turned out I just had really really really dry skin and so tight outfit, sweat would worsen the situation. Lipikar by La Roche Posay changed my life! I know how awful this can feel and I hope you find a solution asap.
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Hi @Sondra! Yes, me. I have hives/dermatographia. I've done allergy panel test in the past too, ended up doing immunology shots which really helped with my seasonal induced hay fever, asthma etc. However, with regards to the hives I was prescribed XYZAL(which is now over-the-counter) daily. It's the ONLY thing that's kept mine under control for at least 4 years now. It was a noticeable difference and still is if I forget or don't take it for a day or two or try to 'ween' myself off (but as you know the itching can be unbearable sometimes). Symptoms for me: getting itchy out of nowhere (and the dermatographia part, any scratch is what what raises up), sometimes felt like when cold air just touches my skin especially after taking tight legging/pants off from the day I'd have an episode, frustrating to not know the cause. But XYZAL! Some people get sleepy as a side effect (not like benadryl where you get all groggy), but I don't feel a thing. Recommended to take in the evening, but I take in the mornings with my other vitamins. I had a really great doctor and unfortunately for a lot of asian skin (don't know if you are or not), it seems to be more common.
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I have hives / urticaria too! It sucksssss. It started out around 6 years ago and the doctor said that it was due to stress, so I was prescribed antihistamines to take twice a day. The trick is to take it before it happens - especially when you know what triggers them - tight clothes / sequins / cold weather. I don’t get them as regularly now, but I definitely moisturise my skin every day as I realise when my skin is super dry, it’s when I get hives the most even if I’m just laying in bed doing nothing. Bio oil has been my favourite so far and anything with lavender as its calming. I haven’t been taking antihistamines daily anymore but definitely take them before anything that I know is going to cause them to arise. I am so sorry that you are affected. It SUCKSSSSSS! Let me know if there’s any other way I can support (:Raudha
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Be careful an ask your doc about EIA. I started getting hives when exercising in the cold in my 20s- still get them.Then 20 years later I had an attack of exercise induced anaphylaxis while 1X a riding horse, and playing tennis 2X--both in the heat of the summer. The 3rd attack brought me to emerg & Benadryl IV. I now have to have epipens around during exercise. I'm careful not to overheat anymore, but still get hives.
I've had it for about a year! No underlying diagnosis, my derm and pcp have been extremely unconcerned. Zyrtec every other day keeps mine under control.I have also seen a rheumatologist for unrelated reasons, who ran a bunch of autoimmune tests but everything came back negative.
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Ooof, I feel for you. I've had hives since birth (my mother did too so think it's genetic). Sometimes it's triggered as "viral hives" so anytime I get a virus like a common cold or stomach bug I break out into hives all over. Other times it's caused by irritated eczema so currently I have hives on my neck that started as eczema and elevated into hives when I exercise. I've gone through hundreds of topical creams and nothing is that helpful, but I do find staying calm, applying something cool (like a bag of frozen peas or a cold shower) and doing breathing exercises lowers the stress response and prevents them from spreading further. I've also tried to mitigate eczema through food choices, our gut health and stress response is intricately linked. There are great doctors and experts who provide tons of free information via social media, books, podcasts, etc., I find the Parsley Health blog useful: https://www.parsleyhealth.com/blog/histamine-intolerance/
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Once I came back with hives from costs rica, it was driving me absolutely mad. . The doctor prescribed some drug that took care of it within three weeks. Funny story is that the only thing that got me through the symptoms was my dog's anti itch lidocaine spray
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I feel for you...I've had hives/dermatographia for 6 years now. I've done an allergy panel a couple years ago that didn't give anything that could explain it, I've also tried acupuncture without success. For the context, I've always had dry/dehydrated skin and no amount of no-perfume/ph-neutral/no-soap/oil things ever really made a difference, also it makes my skin feel not as tight so I keep using them.I also was lucky to have pretty severe eczema until I was about 7, then patches on and off up to this day. When the hives started, I used to take 1 antihistamines pill a day (10mg) but over the time realized that 1/2pill would prevent hives for 2 days so I do that now. Also noticed that the brand doesn't really matter so if I'm out, I buy whatever is on sale at the pharmacy.I've had to not take pills for 7days before my allergy panel and could not go further than 3days without having my lips starting to tingle and swell.I've tried to ask different doctors to get different opinions and basically they're all telling me the same thing: it probably started with a stressful situation (I get major episodes in stressful situations) , it's more likely to get permanent if it's still here after 5 years (yay!), there's no permanent solution for chronic hives, antihistamines do the trick though.It sucks, cause it's not something that people talk about or that people necessarily understand (not everyone can say that they wish they could rip their skin off sometimes). And it seems kind of agreed upon that there is no permanent solution and there is little plan to research one.I'm slowly accepting that I will continue to take antihistamines my whole life 😅
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I know exactly what you're going through. I've had chronic hives (CIU) for about 2.5 years that have caused several anaphylactic reactions. I'm also on strong antihistamines, and have had to make several lifestyle changes - eliminating all alcohol, changing the way I exercise (low impact vs cardio), and really prioritizing self-care. As a few of the Elpha's have mentioned below, it's not really something that's talked about widely. If I can help you in any way, or you'd like to chat, just send me a DMHope you find some answers and a solution soon!